Dharma Dogs - Music For The Terminally Besotted

Music For The Terminally Besotted

Dharma Dogs

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Dharma Dogs - Music For The Terminally Besotted

Dharma Dogs pin their fuzz-rock hearts on their sleeves with their almost earnest anthology of EP works with the full length Music For The Terminally Besotted, released September 29th through ourselves digitally and on a limited cassette tape run.

Serendipity played a key role in the union between the label and band – fostered by a love of professional wrestling back in the earlier 2000’s, singer/guitarist Chris Joutras and label founder Benjii Jackson somehow crossed digital paths years later and fortuitously discovered both were involved in each other’s respective music scenes; Chris being in a number of acts based in Madison, Wisconsin and Benjii… well… pouring money into releasing music.

As luck would have it, Music For The Terminally Besotted also evoked a strong sense of musical nostalgia upon the demos reaching the label. It’s scummy, “grunge” elements sometimes overlook an accidental nod to New Zealand artists such as Gordons, Die! Die! Die! and Wilberforces with it’s discordant unease on tracks such as the single “Billboard Blues” and “Black Mayonnaise”, all the while keeping the band firmly entrenched in the trashy-punk scene with “Fluke or Flounder.” Right about now might be a good time to make a nod to Dinosaur Jr. We’ll let the critics decide that one though…

Recorded by Bobby Hussy (of The Hussy) across the space of a year, it’s a release that nearly didn’t see the light of day with a hesitation from the band that perhaps it was a little late with ongoing projects taking place around Wisconsin in the interim. Thankfully, after a bit of coaxing to come into the digital era, Dharma Dogs release could become a seminal piece of work from a very encouraging music scene emerging out of the Midwest.


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  1. Dharma Dogs - Laxadaisy
  2. Dharma Dogs - Fluke or Flounder
  3. Dharma Dogs - Billboard Blues
  4. Dharma Dogs - Deep Wound
  5. Dharma Dogs - Ponyboy
  6. Dharma Dogs - Black Mayonnaise
  7. Dharma Dogs - Apnea
  8. Dharma Dogs - Hoka Hey
  9. Dharma Dogs - Desert Punk
  10. Dharma Dogs - Longshot