Super Narco Man - Dank Mammoth Deluxe

Dank Mammoth Deluxe

Super Narco Man

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Super Narco Man - Dank Mammoth Deluxe

Super Narco Man – Dank Mammoth Deluxe
March 1, 2018 MUZAI Records
How do you describe the indescribable? Especially when we are trying to capture your attention, be it a journalist, a radio DJ or just a general fan? It’s a difficult task just to figure out where Super Narco Man’s first effort through MUZAI Records, Dank Mammoth Deluxe, sits.

Is it a punk record? Is it a jazz-core album? Does the blank term “alternative” lazily sum up the efforts that the Tauranga three piece have brought to audiences across the North Island (and underneath bridges… in jokes aside)? Even ourselves when asked during staff meetings “what do they sound like?” have problems – going as far as to name-check Sikth, Primus and Reuben.

Maybe it’s like an audible Rorschach test; you hear what subconsciously the first thing that comes to your mind. Or eardrums on this occasion.

“Dank” however is perhaps the most apt way of describing the album. The murky, volatile output throughout the six track EP doesn’t fall into lustrous territory – to do so would to discredit the tumultuous energy the band are being recognized for. It’s every bit another rebuke against the swathe of surf-pop that seemingly muffles the more boisterous of guitar-driven bands.

Their tempestuous video for their first single, “Near Kill Experience”, very much became an apt representation of the band’s overall vigour when it comes to the release and also performing live – it’s soaked in sweat, nauseating for some, incredibly ferocious and unbridled in it’s utter flippancy


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  1. Super Narco Man - Near Kill Experience
  2. Super Narco Man - We All Suck But Love It
  3. Super Narco Man - Dick Noise
  4. Super Narco Man - Driving While Hungover Sux
  5. Super Narco Man - Total Disdain
  6. Super Narco Man - Audio Prostitute