Tuscoma - Arkhitecturenominus



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Tuscoma - Arkhitecturenominus

Relentlessly touring across Europe over the past two years and performing with a number of international luminaries (including post-hardcore icons Refused), the former Hollywoodfun Downstairs have manage to corrode their noise into a caustic blackened soundscape replete with blast-beat drums and austere, guttural screams.

Recorded by renowned New Zealand engineer James Goldsmith (Die! Die! Die!, Grayson Gilmour, So So Modern) in Wellington's Blue Barn, Tuscoma sought after a mastering engineer well versed in cacophony; Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Loma Prieta) at San Francisco's Atomic Garden.

Arkhitecturenominus is the repercussion having toiled in the studio amongst the stark architecture from Eastern Europe. The violent outburst of "Aerial Views Over Barcelona" ring in both the duo's new sonic output but also their new outlook.

There will always be a certain groove to the music (the album's title track has that bounding,rhythmic beat akin to the likes of Blood Brothers), but the extremity Tuscoma's sound very much symbolises WIlliams and Wright's descent further into the realms of noise.


"(...) enthralling, unindulgent and austere, while at the same time organic and compelling as only the strangest of chimeras can be." - Invisible Oranges

"...the band set their knee on the listener’s chest from the get-go, and never eased the pressure" - SIX NOISES


CD Album (MUZ172CD)
  1. Tuscoma - Aerial Views Over Barcelona
  2. Tuscoma - A Place in the World
  3. Tuscoma - Boxlife
  4. Tuscoma - Crooked Frames
  5. Tuscoma - Arkhitecturenominus
  6. Tuscoma - Groma
  7. Tuscoma - 828 to the Burj
  8. Tuscoma - Laser Lines
  9. Tuscoma - Mindless Eyes
  10. Tuscoma - Post Reflective, Mind Games

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